Everything you need to protect your online store.

Why Subuno is the perfect fraud prevention platform for your online business.

Risk Scoring

Flag fraudulent orders automatically with risk scoring that analyzes over 100 risk factors, giving you upfront answers that you can rely on. Whether you are a veteran or a newbie, the fraud scores will save you time and money, weeding out the bad orders from the good ones.


Rules Engine

Turning your business rules into automated processes saves time and speeds up your fulfillment process. Manage fraud prevention checks and edit allow/block lists on the fly without having to bother your developers. View, create, and update rules in seconds.



Access over 15 industry-leading fraud detection and order validation tools through one platform. Combine data from different tools to create a unique set of fraud prevention rules. You can even configure checks in a multi-layered approach. No separate accounts, contracts, or minimums. Pay for only what you use.


Review Dashboard

Speed up your order review process and capture more sales with our centralized case management system. Each order’s individual detailed page gives you color warnings, and a wide selection of tools to perform further verification. You don’t need to copy and paste order information or toggle between different systems.

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100% Chargeback Protection.

Prevent fraud. Save time. Increase sales.

How Subuno helps you eliminate fraud and grow your business.

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Automate fraud checks

Are you making the common mistake of reviewing a large percentage of your everyday orders because you are concerned with fraud losses? Minimize time and money spent on manual review by automating your existing process. Let our system do all the checks you are currently doing manually.

Speed up manual review

Reduce manual review time by over 75%! Subuno’s Review Dashboard gives you quick and ready access to all the data and tools you need. No need to copy and paste, toggle between multiple screens, or sign up for multiple separate order validation services.
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Increase Sales

Capture more orders that you would have normally declined due to lack of validation. We give you tools to connect the dots so that you can ship more domestic and international orders. You can even seek Subuno insurance coverage and eliminate any risks of fraud. Coverage guarantees your order against fraud or your money back.

Start protecting your online store in minutes.

Subuno protects over 1,000 merchants and screens over $2 billion of orders per year.

Not sure where to start?

Speak to one of our fraud prevention experts to get your started with best practices.
  • This is an essential tool for online markets. I love it!!

  • Subuno was great and a huge help in combating the fraud I experienced. 2 years ago I had $65,000 worth of fraud on $350,000 in sales. After signing up and getting help with configuration, fraud went to $0. Too bad I didn't know about this earlier and could have saved the $65,000 lost in 2014.

  • We really appreciate your attention to this and your quick responses. Subuno is proving to be a very valuable asset for our company in helping combat fraud. Since we have been using it over the past 5-6 weeks we have almost entirely been able to eliminate 100% of fraud orders being accepted into the system. Keep up the great work!

  • Every month when I just receive my bill, I smile. You guys are worth your weight in gold. You save me far more than you cost each month.

  • Just wanted to let you know how much your app is appreciated! It's nearly eliminated chargebacks altogether! Also, you guys have been great about bumping up the plan up instead of charging overages-so awesome! I just wanted to say thanks quickly. Cheers!