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How Subuno Works with Your Yahoo Store

How Subuno Works with Yahoo Stores

This page describes what is going on in background between Yahoo Stores and your Subuno account. Subuno leverage tools offered by Yahoo Stores and does not require any customizing of your code or RTML programming.

Step 1

New Yahoo Orders

When you get a new order, the order information is sent to Subuno via the Real-Time Links feature. This is happening after the checkout process so it does not affect your customer’s shopping experience or store’s performance.

Step 2

Subuno Rules and Decision Engines

The order is passed through your rules engine and assigned a “Accept, Reject, or Review” flag based on the rules you have. (e.g. “If order amount greater than $150 or if the shipping method is “next day air”, flag for manual review”)

Step 3

Sending Back the Results

You have a few options to get the results out of Subuno.

  1. Remote URL Ping (webhook) where you specify a URL where we would send the order status to.
  2. Email notification if something is flagged as suspect.
  3. Insert a message into the “merchant notes” section of the order details.
  4. Have the Subuno action flag sync with Yahoo Status. For example, orders flagged for “review” will change Yahoo Order Status to “pending”. This allows you to use Subuno in conjunction with other 3rd party order manager or shipping programs that pull the Yahoo Order Status into their systems.

Step 4

Review Flagged Orders

You can use our manual review dashboard to review the orders that were flagged for manual review using over 15 tools and 50 additional data checks. Once you have made your decision, then the updated action is sent back via same steps listed in Step 3.