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Credit Card Fraud Detection Module for Prestashop Stores

Credit Card Fraud Detection Module for Prestashop Stores

The Subuno fraud prevention module helps Prestashop owners reduce credit card fraud and speed up order reviews. Orders are automatically checked against template filters or 50+ customizable checks that you can easily create through an intuitive user interface. Subuno provides 15+ order validation tools to help you review suspect or flagged orders faster. Merchants using Subuno have been able to detect more fraud, reduce the number of orders needing review, dramatically speed up the order review process, and increase revenue by being able to capture more legitimate but suspicious orders.

Review Fewer Orders

Get notified either through email alerts or Prestashop admin panel when there is a suspect order. Create Subuno rules to automatically check things that you normally would do manually. For example, review orders with high dollar amounts, overnight shipping methods, repeat bad customer, high risk shipping countries, etc. For additional protection, you can also screen orders using popular fraud prevention services, like MaxMind and Telesign, that have been integrated into the Subuno platform.


Review Orders Much Faster

Your orders within Prestashop are automatically linked so you can access Subuno tools quickly and easily. No need to copy and paste order information into each validation tool you use to check the orders. Subuno gives you single-click access to some of your favorite order fraud prevention or order validation tools, as well as other industry leading solutions. By combining order data and various fraud preventions tools on the same page, Subuno can help you quickly screen suspect orders more efficiently.


Step 3

Subuno also automatically analyze your current order details against your past orders and inform you if repeat orders have been placed earlier (e.g. the number in parenthesis next to the customer’s email address). This helps you quickly identify repeat customers or malicious fraudsters.

Get Subuno’s Prestashop Module Now!

The module requires a Subuno account. Sign up now! For more information and access to the Subuno Prestashop Module, please email