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Advanced Fraud Detection for Magento Stores

Installing Subuno Fraud Prevention Extension For Magento Stores

This page describes the steps involved in installing the Subuno fraud & chargeback prevention plugin for Magento stores. The installation process takes a few minutes and requires that you already have a Subuno account.

Step 1

Make sure you have a copy of the Subuno extension for Magento. You can get a copy here.

Step 2

Log into your Subuno account and the admin section of your Magento store.

Step 3

Navigate to the “System” tab on top, select “Magento Connect” and then “Magneto Connect Manager”. You may be asked to log into Mangento Connect Manager.

Step 4

Scroll down to find “Direct package file upload” section and upload the Subuno fraud prevention extension from step 1 above. Click the “Upload” Button once the file is selected.


Step 5

Once installation is successful, you should this in the command prompt at the bottom:


Step 6

Now, log out of Magento and log in again. Use the “System” tab on top again, and choose “Configuration” to go to the Configuration page.


Step 7

“Subuno Fraud Prevention” heading should appear on the left, click on “Subuno Integration Settings”.


*If you didn’t log out of Magento in Step 7, you may see a “404 page not found error”, simply log out and log back in. This is a known issue with Magento.

Step 8

Click on “Basic Settings” to enlarge the window.


In this section, you are going to configure some basic function and finish setting up the integration between your Magento Store and your Subuno account. Click on the “Basic Settings” title bar to expand the dialog box.

  1. Enable Subuno fraud prevention. Use this to turn Subuno on and off for your Magento Store. Select “Yes” from the dropdown menu.
  2. Turn on Subuno comments. Use this to control whether Subuno comments are inserted. Select “Yes” from the dropdown menu.
  3. When to run Subuno. You have the option of using Subuno during checkout or after checkout. We recommend running Subuno after checkout to prevent delaying the checkout process and disrupt customer experience.
  4. API Key. Enter your unique API key to your Subuno account. You can find it here (Subuno API Key).
  5. Subuno App URL. This is for your information and is not an editable field.
  6. Remote URL notification.
  7. This link is to tell Subuno where to send the information when an action flag is changed in Subuno, so that the action flags are synced. Copy the entire URL in the field, and paste it into your Subuno settings page here (Remote URL Notification (Webhook)). Remember to click the save button to save it to your Subuno account.


    Step 9

    Toggle back to your Magento admin. Save your changes by clicking on the “Save Config” button on the top right. Now your Magento Store is connected to your Subuno account!


    Advanced Options

    Be sure to properly configure your advanced options. Instructions are here.


    This plugin requires PHP 5.4 or higher. Depending on your host service, you may need to contact them to modify your network configuration to allow external communication.

    Have more questions? Contact our support team. We are here to help.