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Advanced Fraud Detection for Magento Stores

Advanced Options Configuration

Subuno provides many built-in options that make your fraud prevention and order processing easier. The available options are located in the Advanced Options dialog box.


Subuno Marks an Order for Review

Your Subuno account comes with a customizable rules engine that allows you to finely tailor your defense. When Subuno receives an order from your Magento store (automatically), Subuno performs the screening, then returns an action flag (i.e. accept, reject or review). Check the box “put the order on hold”, if you would like Subuno to change the order status automatically to “hold” when Subuno flags it for review. When the box is not checked, the default status is “Awaiting manual review”.


Subuno Accepts an Order

When an order is accepted after running through Subuno’s rules, if you would like to automatically capture the payment, check the box “Capture payment”. This will trigger additional steps (e.g. fulfillment) and only works if you have your payment processing set to “Authorize Only”. When the “Capture payment” box is not checked, the default order status is “Ready for fulfillment”.


Subuno Rejects an Order

When Subuno rejects an order, you have the option of canceling the order altogether or put the order on hold. Select the appropriate choice from the drop down menu, which will become the new order status when the order is rejected by Subuno. If you select to cancel, the order status will trigger additional events in Magento (e.g. refund, restock, etc.).


Another option you have have when an order rejection triggers the canceling of an order is to send the customer an automatic email message. Select “Yes” from the drop down menu if you want to enable this option. Feel free to change the template subject line and message as you see fit. Please note that the email will be sent regardless whether you are canceling the order or putting it on hold. Be sure to tailor your message accordingly!