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Running Subuno During Checkout

Most of the time, merchants use Subuno after checkout and before fulfillment. This setup ensures that the customer has the best and seamless checkout experience, while giving merchants time to verify orders after the order has been created in the system. However, some merchants under certain circumstances may choose to run Subuno during checkout. This setting dialog box is for those who wish to run Subuno during checkout.


Use the dropdown menu to decide what Subuno should do to orders that are rejected. When Subuno rejects an order during checkout, you have the option of still creating the order, and making that order as “pending”, or make checkout fail.

Be sure to disable “Email when Subuno rejects” an order in “Advanced Settings” to prevent emails from going out.


When you select to make the checkout process fail, a popup message is displayed to inform the user that the checkout cannot be completed. You can further customize the popup message.


Once in a while, inevitably, Subuno cannot be reached or the processing by Subuno is slowed, instead of prolong the checkout process (making the customer wait), you can tell the system to move ahead without a response from Subuno. While this does not happen often at all, you may want to set an upper limit of how many seconds the system should wait for Subuno before moving ahead to complete the checkout process. The default is 5 seconds. You can change the limits to be greater than 0, but less than 5.