How to File a Claim

3 Important Things to Remember.


Notify Subuno

Time is of essence. In order to get a claim processed and a refund issued, you must submit your claim request within seven (7) days of being first notified of the chargeback.

Please send all the documents via email to Subuno Insurance Claim for processing. To help us expedite the process and avoid unnecessary delay, please include the relevant order ID in the subject line (e.g. Subject: claim for order ID #xxxx).


Required Documents

In order for us to open a claim case, we need the following documents:

  1. Copy of the initial chargeback notice;
  2. Copy of the invoice of the transaction;
  3. Copy of proof of delivery to the verified/ approved address;
  4. Copy of the authorization details page from your payment gateway.

Processing & Refund

Once a claim case is opened, we will take over and determine how best to fight the chargeback on your behalf. If we are unsuccessful, the amount total insured will be promptly be issued to you. Please do not attempt to fight the chargeback on your own or in parallel.

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