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100% Chargeback Protection.

Subuno Insurance helps you do more business.


Increase Sales

Accept more orders confidently. Grow your existing market or expand to new ones. Subuno Insurance helps you capture borderline orders that you would have otherwise declined. Focus your energy on growth, not on fraud.

Save Money & Time

Eliminate or reduce manual review staff time and cost. Let Subuno Insurance be your review team. We review every order you send and tell you which ones to fulfill. You only pay for orders that are approved for insurance. Fast decision turn-around allowing for quick fulfillment. Eliminate chargeback headaches or the need to train review agents.

Money-Back Guarantee

Not so sure about an order? Seek Subuno Insurance coverage. If the transaction is approved, Subuno Insurance will protect against any order that turns out to be fraud so you never have to worry about chargebacks again.

How Subuno Insurance Works

Simple steps to save you money and headaches.

1. Submit a transaction.

When you have a credit card order that you are unsure about, simply submit it for Subuno Insurance for review and insurance. There is no fee associated for such a review. You will only be charged if the order is approved for insurance coverage. When an order is not insured, there is no charge.

Please note: Subuno Insurance is only available for physical goods and not for digital delivered goods.


2. Insurance coverage review and decision.

Our fraud prevention team reviews your submitted order to see if insurance coverage can be extended. We use a combination of proprietary software and manual analysis to evaluate and calculate the risks. We aim to have a decision for you within 20 minutes, though we may take up to 2 hours depending on the situation.


3. Fulfill the order.

Once you receive an approval from Subuno Insurance, you can feel confident fulfilling the order.

If one of the insured transactions results in a fraud-related chargeback, simply file a claim, and we will promptly refund you the total amount of the transaction.

Get Insured!

Contact us to find out how Subuno Insurance can save you time and money.

Plan Options

Two ways to get insured.

Subuno Total Protection

Outsource your entire order review process and automatically send all your qualified transactions to insurance. High approval rate. No need to manage your rules. Lower premium rate. No setup fee.

Subuno Insurance Select

Selectively send orders for insurance coverage. More flexibility. Generally good approval rate, but may vary based on type of transaction. Setup fee and monthly account fee may apply.


How does it work?

In order to get insurance on any order, you first must submit the order to Subuno for review. You can submit the order manually or automatically. (Don’t worry! As always, we can help you configure this.) Once an order is submitted, Subuno then takes a look and decides whether to extend insurance or not. You will get a response that tells you either insurance is approved or coverage is denied.

Does Subuno Insurance cover digital goods?

No. Currently, Subuno Insurance is only offered for physical goods that are shipped to the customer.

What data is required to submit for Subuno Insurance?

Basic information such as billing address and shipping address, AVS and CVV responses are required. If your platform or shopping cart does not provide you with AVS or CVV results, you may need to separately log into your payment gateway directly to retrieve the information. BIN (the first 6 digits of the credit card) is highly useful to us, but is not required. Phone number is also useful, but not required.

Would Subuno Insurance work for non-credit card orders?

Subuno Insurance is ONLY for credit card transactions. It does not work for debit card, check, or Paypal transactions.

What does Subuno Insurance cover?

Subuno Insurance covers any fraud-related chargeback. That means that if we approve an order, and that order ends up being a chargeback with the reason being fraud, then we will refund you the amount of the order.

Is filing a claim hard?

No, not at all! We ask for 4 pieces of documentation and then we’ll take care of the rest. Please refer to our claim for more details.

What will be my coverage/approval rate?

Our goal is to approve as many transaction as possible to help you expand your market and to capture more orders. However, the ultimate coverage rate will largely depend on the kind of orders you send us. We will NEVER insure a transaction when we know it’s fraud. Consistently sending over fraudulent transactions will impact and decrease your coverage rate.

Can I get you to review all my transactions?

Of course! You can use Subuno Total Shield to automatically send all your transactions to be reviewed and insured.

Does Subuno Insurance work with my e-commerce platform?

Subuno Insurance works with all platforms that Subuno currently supports. That said, for some platforms, you need to make sure that you have access to the required information from your payment gateway, if the platform doesn’t make such information available. For Magento and Woocommerce merchants, please double check with us to make sure you are using the right plugins.

Does Subuno Insurance work for international transactions?

Absolutely! Please make sure you have BIN available if AVS is not available. Having either or both will improve your approval rate.

What do I do once insurance is approved for my order?

Please fulfill the order promptly and accurately. Ship to approved address only and obtain delivery confirmation. The approved address is simply the address indicated when you submit the order.

What do I do if insurance is declined for my order?

Subuno may decline coverage on an order that we deem too risky to accept. We arrive at that decision through a combination of proprietary algorithm and agent review. When we decline to extend insurance coverage to a certain order, you can still ship out the order. However, doing so will be at your own risk and will not be covered if it turns out to be fraudulent.

Insurance ROI Calculator

Getting insurance is more than having the 100% chargeback protection. When used correctly, it can also help you better manage your business. Use the calculator below to figure out how much money and time outsourcing the review process to Subuno would save your business.