Automate your fraud prevention.

Protect your store in minutes while saving time and money.


You send us order information

Customer places order. Using a Subuno app or API, order details are sent automatically to Subuno.

We check for fraud risk

Orders are checked against risk factors and business rules such as a fraud score, block/white lists, velocity, and order characteristics. You can customize your rules sets or use our best practice templates.

We notify you of the results

In less than a second, we return an accept/reject/review flag via the API, write back to the shopping cart platform, or send out an email alert. You can investigate flagged orders using the Subuno Review Dashboard.

Six easy steps to start preventing fraud.

Subuno makes it easy to leverage and customize over 20 fraud prevention tools, collectively checking over 200 risk indicators, to protect your store from fraud and chargebacks.

Set your rules

Setup your rules

Take a few minutes to select what fraud checks you want applied to your orders. Or get started instantly with our best practice template rules and tweak as you go along with help from our fraud experts. Subuno allows you to easily automate the simple checks that you may normally look for like different shipping address, overnight shipping request, high order value, and whether the customer if on your block list. In addition, supercharge your fraud defense with our partnerships with industry leading fraud solutions so that you can protect your store with the same tools used by top retailers.


link your store

Connect your store to Subuno

Use one of our pre-built apps/plugins to connect your Authorize.Net, BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, and Yahoo stores to Subuno in minutes. No additional programming needed. For a full list of supported plugins, see here. Or use our easy to integrate API for a custom implementation.



Subuno checks orders for fraud

Once your store is connected to Subuno, new orders will automatically be pulled into your Subuno account and checked for fraud based on your rules. Rules can be tweaked at any time within Subuno without needing any technical skills. If you know how to drag and drop and select from drop down menus, you are all set.


fraud alert

Fraud notifications are sent out

Subuno will notify you of a fraudulent transaction via an email alert, messaging within your shopping cart order admin, or API response. Real-time notification alerts are sent out typically one second after the order has been placed allowing you to quickly take appropriate actions. For some shopping carts, automating the cancellation of fraudulent orders and holding suspect orders from going through to fulfillment or digital delivery apps are supported.


manual review

Review orders in Subuno

Subuno consolidates over 20 fraud screening tools on to the same page to help you quickly assess or confirmed flagged fraudulent transactions. No more copying and pasting and manually entering order information across multiple search sites. Want to see where the customer placed the order from, estimate how old the email address is, and see if the customer’s name, address, and phone match up? These answers are all a click away.



Buy insurance

Still on the fence about whether you should ship an order? Buy insurance and have that order guaranteed against fraud. If the order turns out to be fraudulent, you will be covered.

Not sure where to start?

Speak to one of our fraud prevention experts to get your started with best practices.