Tools to leverage data and maximize resources.

Saving you time and money.

g5716Fraud Prevention Platform

Protect your store with an all-in-one platform with access to over 20+ fraud detection tools to automate your fraud checks or provide additional insight during order review.

rect5599Review Dashboard

Streamline order review with a case management system that centralizes order details and fraud checks/analysis. Free and paid tools available to provide quick access to additional verifications.

rect3973Risk Scoring

Flag fraudulent orders automatically with comprehensive scoring algorithms that analyze over 100 risk factors. Focus on just the top 1-3% of risky orders.

rect5574Rules Engine

Automate your fraud checks and business rules, both simple and complex within seconds with real-time updates. No need to bother your developers whenever you want to make changes.

rect5640Expert Assistance

Not sure how to get started but want the best protection for your store? Customize your fraud checks and rules with help from our fraud prevention experts.


Increase your sales without taking on any additional risk. Guarantee your orders from fraud with our 100% chargeback protection service.

rect4976Custom Data

Enhance your home grown system without ditching it entirely. Incorporate your internal fraud analysis with industry leading tools and checks through custom API fields.

rect5638Unbundled Cost Structure

Pay for fraud checks only when you need them and not on every single transaction. Why spend unnecessary money on orders that you know are not risky.