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How is Subuno different from other fraud prevention solutions?

Subuno is the only complete solution on the market right now that was built specifically for small and medium sized businesses. It is not a “lite” version with reduced funcationalities. Subuno provides a comprehensive turnkey end-to-end solution. Through a single integration, merchants gain access to many order validation/fraud prevention tools that have been built-in or pre-integrated with Subuno that requires no additional integration or sign-up. Subuno allows merchants to quickly setup their business rules to automate order screening with a workflow that utilizes different validation services.

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What e-commerce platforms or shopping carts does Subuno work with?

Subuno supports Yahoo Stores , Shopify, and Bigcommerce. In addition, extensions for Magento, Woocommerce, CubeCart, osCommerce, PrestaShop, and Zen Cart are also available. We also support Authorize.net. If you would like to see a particular integration or would like to partner with Subuno and offer advance fraud prevention to your users, please contact us.

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Does Subuno support Authorize.net? Can I use if I already have Advance Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS)?

Yes, Subuno has an Authorize.net extension. Subuno can be used as a stand alone or together with AFDS (Advanced Fraud Detection Suite). When using Subuno in conjunction with AFDS, orders sent to your Authorize.net account are automatically sent to your Subuno account for additional analysis and an email alert is sent out for flagged orders. Subuno offers additional filters and functionality that you can use to catch more fraud. You can also use Subuno to review orders that have been flagged by AFDS more efficiently and accurately.

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What are the different fraud tools that Subuno has integrated?

Within Subuno, there are two different types of fraud prevention tools: Free and Paid. For the free services, Subuno pre-populates the information for the look up forms and provides a quick link access so users don’t have to re-type or copy and paste order information. For paid services, Subuno has pre-integrated industry leading fraud tools. No additional integration is required to use these tools and services. Users also do not need to sign up accounts with these individual providers. Business processing rules can be build around the paid services. There is also no monthly minimum imposed when using these services through Subuno. You only pay for what you use.

Free services include the following: White Pages, Google Maps, Google Search, Spokeo, Alexa, Whois, US Search, Pipl, Arkowl, Facebook, Linkedin, and Canada411.

Paid services include the following: BIN data, MaxMind GeoIP, MaxMind minFraud, Pacific East Telified, Rapleaf Email Verification Plus, and Telesign PhoneID. Details of these services can be found on the third party services documentation page.

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Do I need to separately sign up for the 3rd party fraud prevention tools to use them in Subuno?

For the paid 3rd party services, you do not need to sign up for a separate account. The billing for those services is included in your monthly bill based on how much you used. For some of the free services, you may need to create an account. For example, if you want to use the Facebook search link, you would need to be already logged into a Facebook account.

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How long does it typically take to set up Subuno?

If you are using one of the hosted ecommerce platforms, such as Yahoo Stores, Shopify, and BigCommerce, the setup process takes only a few minutes. If you are using one of the shopping cart extensions, it could take anywhere from 10-60 minutes depending on your existing cart setup. Our API is also very easy to work with. Many developers have told us that they were able to integrate and send order details into their Subuno account after a couple of hours. Take a look at our developer’s page.

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Can I get notified by email if an order is suspect and not have to log in every day?

Yes. You can have your Subuno account send you emails when an order is flagged or when a particular rule gets triggered. For example, if you see a lot of fraud with fast shipment methods like “Next Day Air”, you can set up a rule to flag orders with fast shipment and get notified whenever orders with fast shipment come in. Email alerts you when certain events occur, so you only need log into Subuno as needed.

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If I want to use the 3rd party fraud prevention services for automated checks, do I need to call them for every single order?

No, you can filter our transactions by using rules and service priorities. For example, let’s say you turned on the MaxMind GeoIP service. Without any rules, all of you orders will call out to that service. However, if you create a rule that says “if bill to –> equals –> ship to –> accept”, then only orders where the billing address and shipping address don’t match will call out to the GeoIP service. Creating additional rules to filter out transactions reduce your need to make 3rd party service calls.

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How much does Subuno cost?

There are two components to your monthly Subuno charge.

1) The Subuno monthly subscription package. See our pricing page to see the different options.

2) The use of 3rd party fraud prevention services. This component varies month to month depending on how many queries you use and what services are used.

For example, if you have the Bronze plan ($19/month) and used 300 queries of the BIN service ($0.005/query), then your bill at the end of the month will be $19 + (300* $0.005) = $20.5.

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Can Subuno be used for non-US transactions? If I’m not a US merchant, can I still use Subuno?

Yes, Subuno can be used to screen your non-US transactions. However, some of the integrated 3rd party services may not cover international transactions. For example, MaxMind minFraud services covers IP address globally but PacificEast Telified service only covers phone numbers in the US and Canada.

Yes, we work with many non-US merchants as well.

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I don’t have all the data specified in the API. Is that okay?

Yes. However, while Subuno’s API does not require all data fields to be present, you will get the most benefits out of Subuno if you are able to leverage and use all available fraud prevention tools and services, each requiring different pieces of data. Therefore, depending on what data you send through Subuno, the result of your fraud analysis might vary.

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What has been the uptime of your service?

Our average monthly uptime has been 99.9%. For Yahoo and Shopify merchants, the auto-retry feature of the order posts/webhook makes sure that no orders are missed even in the event that our service is down. The orders will be added to your account once our system comes back.

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