Advanced Fraud Detection for Merchants

Advanced Fraud Detection for Merchants

The Subuno order screening and fraud prevention add-on helps merchants using Authorize.Net reduce fraud and dramatically speed up order review. The add-on connects your Authorize.Net account and sends new orders automatically to Subuno for analysis. If orders are flagged as suspect, Subuno will send you an email to alert you of these suspect orders. You can use Subuno’s 15+ fraud screening tools to further analyze and validate these orders. No more needing to copy and paste order information onto different sites to leverage industry’s leading fraud prevention tools. Best of all, it takes only a couple of minutes to setup. Try Subuno out risk free today!

How is it different from Authorize.Net’s Advance Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS)?

Subuno fraud prevention service can be used as a stand-alone or as a complementary service to Authorize.Net’s Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS). Similar to AFDS, Subuno provides filters that you can use to automatically screen orders. Subuno provides additional filters to allow further customization and screening. For example, you can create additional filters based on overnight shipping, high risk shipping addresses, BIN mismatches, high risk IP address, high fraud scores, etc. You can also create filters to tap into fraud prevention tools provided by Subuno’s Partners, such as MaxMind and Telesign, for additional checks.

How do I use Subuno with AFDS?

Once orders have been flagged by AFDS as suspect, merchants typically go to different online sites to look up information and to to validate such orders. This can be a very time consuming process and often involves a lot of copying and pasting, and may not always give the information you are looking for. Using Subuno in conjunction with AFDS, users can quickly access over fifteen free/paid fraud screening tools to speed up the process of reviewing orders flagged by your AFDS filters. Additionally, you can create filters not available through AFDS for additional protection.