Advanced Fraud Detection for Yahoo Store Merchants

Given the increasing problems and sophistication with online fraud, the risk tools provided by Yahoo Store is often not enough. The Subuno Yahoo Store add-on allows store owners to easily leverage Subuno's fraud prevention SaaS platform that aggregates multiple industry leading fraud detection tools to help fight fraud and reduce chargebacks. The Subuno SaaS provides all the tools merchants need to fight fraud including a flexible and powerful rules engine, manual review dashboard, and over 15 fraud tool integrations with over 50 additional data points and analysis available. The add-on takes about five minutes to setup. Sign up for a free demo.

Benefits Seen By Yahoo Store Owners

  • Reduced number of manual review cases by 80% via automation.
  • Reduced time spent per manual review by 70%.
  • Reduced the need to call customer to verify orders.
  • Rejected more fraudulent orders and accepted more good orders.
  • Subscription pricing starting at $19/month. No software to download or install.

Everything You Need In the Cloud

Cloud SaaS

Get started right away. Leverage multiple fraud screening tools and solutions using a single platform. No software to install, maintain, or update.

Automated Rules/Decision Engines

Create processing rules without having to write any code or needing help from IT. Use templates rules to get started right away.EXAMPLE

Integrated Fraud Services

Leverage multiple industry leading solutions on an on demand basis without needing additional integration work. Choose what service you want and pay for what you use. No long term contracts.EXAMPLE

Advanced Review Dashboard

Consolidate relevant fraud data, analysis, and tools onto a single dashboard to speed up manual review with free and paid tools.EXAMPLE

Sample Fraud Checks
  • Positive/Negative Lists
  • Email Profile
  • BIN Lookup
  • Velocity Filters
  • Email Identity Verification
  • Address/Phone Verification
  • IP Geolocation
  • Phone Type Identification
  • Name/Address Verification
  • Proxy Detection
  • Indirect Data Sharing

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